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Tacehiln DaeilstFLOORCAREThe following table features technical details, if you require any further information, contact Polyflor Customer Technical Services on +44 (0)161 767 1912, or email tech@polyflor.comThe Polyurethane Surface TreatmentThanks to a factory-applied polyurethane surface treatment, there is less work for you to do to care for your floor.The Wear LayerThis transparent, extremely dense layer is hard-wearing and protects the decoration of the product. This allows the surface embossing to create a highly authentic effect.The Decoration LayerEach design has been specifically developed for Colonia by means of extensive trend research and the commissioning of experienced product designers.The Stabilisation LayerImproved dimensional stability is achieved by minimising the effect of surrounding physical properties (e.g. temperature fluctuations).The Load-Bearing LayerThe basis for the long service life and high performance of Colonia.COLONIA is a top quality vinyl flooring in tile and plank formats. Each layer has been thermally pressed by means of innovative technologies for ultimate performance.CHARACTERISTICS COLONIA Abrasion resistance EN 649 Group TDimensional stability EN 434 ? 0.25%Colour fastness to artificial light * Level ? 6 ISO 105-B02 method 3Behaviour to fire EN 13501-1 Bfl - S1Slip resistance ** EN 13893 Class DS (Dry condition) DIN 51130 R10 AS/NZS 4586 R10 For safety flooring with sustainable wet slip resistance, refer to the Polysafe rangesVOC emissions Eurofins - Indoor Air Comfort Gold AgBB - Very low emissions Floorscore - Certified productChemical resistance EN 423 ***Castor chair suitability EN 425 Suitable, type W, EN 12529Underfloor heating suitability Suitable, max. 27ยบ C* We recommend that adequate UV protection be taken against products being installed in direct sunlight as fading may occur.** For clarification regarding slip resistance, consult Polyflor. See product pages for confirmation of R values.*** Resistant depending on concentration and time of exposure. In case of increased impact of oils, grease, acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemicals, please contact us. CHARACTERISTICS COLONIA Type of floorcovering EN 649 Heterogeneous, PVC Surface Treatment Polyurethane (PU) Total weight EN 430 3,680 g/m2 Performance classification 22 EN 685 Gauge EN 428 2.0mm Wear layer thickness EN 429 0.2mm Plank size EN 427 36 @ 101 x 914mm = 3.34m2 and packaging details 24 @ 152 x 914mm = 3.34m2 18 @ 152 x 1219mm = 3.34m2 15 @ 184 x 1219mm = 3.37m2 Tile size EN 427 36 @ 305 x 305mm = 3.34m2 and packaging details 18 @ 305 x 610mm = 3.34m2 16 @ 457 x 457mm = 3.34m2 Residual indentation EN 433 ? 0.1mm 118119Product construction

INITIAL CLEANING AFTER YOUR NEW FLOOR HAS BEEN INSTALLED: . Avoid walking on the floor for at least 24 hours following completion of installation. . Sweep or vacuum to prevent loose dirt or grit from scratching the floor. . Polishing your floor can be beneficial to help prevent slight surface scratches and to provide further protection.DAY TO DAY CLEANING: . Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove loose dirt, grit or dust. . Use clean mops and neutral cleaning solutions to regularly clean your floor. Contact Polyflor for details of approved maintenance products. . Dilute the floor cleanser to the manufacturer's instructions. . Mop the floor evenly. . Collect any excess liquid in a mop bucket. . Rinse the floor with clean water and allow to dry.Regular cleaning is more beneficial to the floorcovering and is more cost effective than occasional heavy cleaning.DOs AND DON'Ts:Do: Install barrier mats at entrances to pick up grit and moisture. (Note, some rubber-backed mats may discolour the floor) Ensure your furniture is fitted with protective pads where necessary to prevent scratches. Use protective cups under heavy furniture to prevent indentation. Remove spillages as quickly as possible to reduce risk of staining and causing slip hazards. Always use clean equipment when maintaining your floor. Regularly trim pets claws as these can cause fine scratches.Don't: Use abrasive liquids or metal scouring pads as these can damage the floor. Clean the floor with solvents, caustic detergents, washing up liquids, soap powders, bleach, furniture polishes, petroleum based products, pine gels, stain removers or highly coloured products. Such products may make the floor slippery or cause permanent damage. Drag furniture with unprotected feet across the floor.DaeilstFLOORCAREWe want your new Colonia floor to become a design and functional feature for many years to come and to help you achieve this we have laid out the following floorcare guidelines. Each product in the Colonia collection features a polyurethane (PU) treatment within a hard-wearing surface providing protection against everyday wear, ensuring optimum long-term performance of your floor. Furthermore, Colonia does not harbour dust mites or bacteria making it ideal for the home environment.118119