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Environmentally Preferable Flooring 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility3233"Corporate social responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the community and society at large."World Business Council for Sustainable DevelopmentCorporate Social ResponsibilitySupporting the wider communityNeighbours - Polyflor is a socially aware company with its manufacturing site being in the heart of a residential area. Duty of care to our neighbours is critical to ensure a happy living environment is provided to our neighbours. Reducing noise pollution and emissions was pivotal, so emissions checks are constantly monitored on site and £500,000 has been invested on minimising noise, through acoustic engineering within the factory. We also ensure that LGVs always turn off their engines during evening and early morning deliveries and collections. The site is also encapsulated by trees and greenery, which is aesthetically pleasing to local residents, as well as encouraging biodiversity.Charity & Donations - Polyflor contributes to charitable donations or worthy causes. This may be financial or supportive with a donation of flooring. In the last 12 months Polyflor has been involved with a number of fantastic programmes. One of which was working with Anita Cormac OBE on her latest project, The Cooking School in Halifax. This was to become a flagship, high specification kitchen for a teaching academy, raising the profile of cooking education. Polyflor realised that this was a great initiative aimed at educating the educators in empowering them with valuable information about nutrition and cooking, which is important in a modern society consuming an ever increasing amount of convenience foods. We were delighted to offer product for the use area (flooring and walls). Following on from a day at The Cooking School, staff from Shibden Head Primary School decided they wanted to introduce cooking into the curriculum and converted a classroom into a kitchen. Again Polyflor was requested and we were happy to oblige in providing their flooring. We have also been supporting Olympic hopeful Jordan Gayle with his training and other costs associated with qualification events. Based in Manchester, the 20-year old Commonwealth taekwondo champion hopes to feature and succeed in the London games this year. Flooring Industry - Polyflor's involvement with the Recofloor scheme of which it is a founding and funding member, also has a social aspect. It operates an education programme for the sector, engaging with flooring contractors about the scheme, the importance of it and why they should get involved. We are promoting the Recofloor scheme at 'grass roots', providing information to more (floor laying) training colleges, apprentice schemes and our own floor fitters' training school at Polyflor. Once signed up to Recofloor contractors are issued with a Certificate of Commitment. This helps prove their green credentials to potential customers whilst ensuring that they are doing their bit for the environment. The Recofloor scheme also has awards for customers - Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, depending on the volume and quality of recycled material submitted.Education - We are involved at all levels of education with local schools and colleges. Polyflor supports schools by participating in work placements and the Young Enterprise Scheme and we actively support training colleges throughout the country as well as sponsoring FITA, the industry training body. We also have a dedicated training school on site, enabling contractors to learn best practice for fitting vinyl flooring. Internationally - Polyflor was also approached by a Lions Club member, as they are helping 1000s of blind people in Uganda to see again. They converted a bus into a mobile cataract surgery, allowing people in rural areas of Uganda access to ophthalmic facilities. We provided free flooring to this project.

3435Polyflor AustraliaPolyflor Australia donated flooring to a number of worthwhile, local projects including 'Young Care' - who provide assistance to young people with high demand needs so that they don't have to live in aged care facilities. Jamie Oliver's 'Ipswich Ministry of Food' truck fitout also benefitted, which achieved recognition as being one of the 'greenest kitchens in Australia'.Polyflor New ZealandPolyflor New Zealand contributed to Youthline's new Community Centre in Aukland and to two churches, one in Western Samoa and one in American Samoa. Following on from the tsunami, which struck Samoa, Polyflor also helped with the rebuild and repair. Polyflor flooring was provided on all of these projects.Polyflor South AfricaPolyflor South Africa provided flooring to refurbished Children's Wards at Chris Hani Baragwaneth Hospital in Soweto and to 'The Making a Difference' campaign, which was set up by TV programme, 'Carte Blanche'. Polyflor South Africa participated in all major projects, helping upgrade paediatric units in three state hospitals. The campaign's next big project will also follow shortly...Internally at PolyflorGood corporate social responsibility is promoted within Polyflor - globally - from our CSR policy, health & safety policy, our compliance with EU Regulations regarding employees' rights and our audits for SA8000 accreditation. We provide family friendly flexibility and we have a dignity at work policy, preventing bullying at all levels. Polyflor staff are also encouraged and supported regarding personal development and training through MBAs, AAT and NVQs for example. Socially, we have our 25 and 40 year clubs for employees who have been with Polyflor for the respective number of years and there is a social club for all employees to join and partake in various activities and events, from sporting events to theatre trips. We encourage environmental awareness, issuing a 'Green Guide' for employees - offering advice on reducing their carbon footprint at home and work. Responding to employee feedback, bike sheds were improved and showers were installed to encourage the local workforce to cycle to work.The long and established relationships we have with customers are based on honesty and trust. It's important that we have this reputation, especially when communicating our environmental message. This is a sensitive subject so unsubstantiated or embellished claims would jeapordise our position and ethics. The relationship with our suppliers is just as important - we have reliable and trusted suppliers. These relationships cannot be taken for granted and constant auditing by Polyflor ensures our suppliers are trading ethically - this is important to our customers. With regards to our suppliers, we are stringently audited by Achilles and SGS for ISO14001 certification. Achilles is a CSR audit which means we are included amongst other responsible manufacturers and suppliers of building products on the 'Building Confidence' list. This assures member companies including Sir Robert McAlpine, Bovis Lend Lease and Balfour Beatty, that suppliers on this list trade ethically, of which the suppliers they use themselves are also scrutinised, ensuring responsible sourcing of materials.