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Environmentally Preferable Flooring 2012 Environmental Assessments31The Ecospecifier scheme is described as a guide to eco and health preferable products, materials and technologies for the built environment. We are registered to this scheme in Australia and South Africa. In Australia the Ecospecifier assessment has placed Polyflor homogeneous PUR ranges in the top 15% of resilient finishes based on their environmental impact.Ecospecifier & BASTAAssessment of materials is based on a life cycle approach and measuring the impact of products in the critical areas below:. Reduction of Energy and Greenhouse Gases. Habitat and Land Degradation . Resource Depletion and Efficiency. Occupant and Contractor Health. Toxicity to Land, Air and WaterDue to the strong performance in minimising the environmental impact in these categories, Polyflor products, including Pearlazzo PUR, Prestige PUR, Mystique PUR, Classic Mystique PUR, 2000 PUR and XL PU are listed on the database of environmentally preferable materials, providing architects, designers and specifiers in general with an easier and effective way to select an environmentally sustainable flooring product. In addition to this, Polyflor has become the first commercial flooring organisation in Australia and New Zealand to achieve Ecospecifier's 'Green Tag' LCARate certification in its homogeneous, safety and LVT ranges, 22 in total. Importantly, Polyflor vinyl flooring also achieves a GreenRate level 'A', scoring maximum points in the Materials-Flooring Calculator and IEQ-VOC sections of the Green Star rating tools.There are many environmental schemes in place around the world and we have also successfully registered with BASTA in Sweden, which aims to phase out harmful products in construction and offer a select database of registered sustainable products, similar to the Ecospecifier method.There is a commonality with all of these schemes, and that is that Polyflor ranges are consistently evaluated as being an environmentally beneficial choice of flooring.

3233Polyflor worked with Anita Cormac OBE and provided the flooring on her latest project, The Cooking School in Halifax. This was to become a flagship, high specification kitchen for a teaching academy, raising the profile of cooking education.