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The aim of this brochure is to clearly report Polyflor's environmental performance for 2011's trading period. We have sound environmental credentials and systems in place, but it is important to continue to build on this.Transparency is crucial at a time where environmental issues become increasingly important and companies seek commercial advantage wherever they can. The term 'greenwashing' is one that we are all aware of and one that we want to avoid.Polyflor operates an open communication policy with all stakeholders. Our aim is to inform - whether this is reporting on something very positive or something which may not have been as good or successful as we would have liked. For instance in 2009 we recycled 210 tonnes of liquid waste, but in 2010 this figure dropped to 164 tonnes - the reason for this being that we had less waste to recycle. However such a comparison might be misconstrued but we didn't sidestep reporting it. Whilst having achieved a great deal in recent years Polyflor is by no means 'perfect'. Like all manufacturers, we have an environmental impact and we also have a responsibility to minimise this impact.introductionWelcome to Polyflor's 7th reportEnvironmentally Preferable Flooring 2012 Introduction

0405The avoidance of emissions to the ecosystem.Reduction of waste to a minimum.The introduction of products that are environmentally consistent with their intended use by providing a high level of durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and safe disposal at end of life.Conservation of resources by use of recycling.Active participation in industry initiatives and projects that improve environmental impact.Raising environmental awareness by regular and open communication with employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, etc.Careful selection of materials, processing techniques and state of the art technology to reduce environmental impact.To develop an environmentally and econonomically sustainable business and be as carbon neutral as possible.Our Vision3-5 Introduction Introduction Our Vision Sustainable Progress6-7 Materials About Vinyl Polyflor Materials8-13 Production Energy Efficiency Water Reduction Waste Management Recycling14-15 Logistics & Installation Transport & Logistics Installation & R&DContents