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1819Designed with low maintenance features.PUR reinforcement is cross-linked and UV cured for superior cleaning benefits, enhanced protection and optimum appearance retention.Homogeneous PUR facilitates a lifelong polish free maintenance regime and consumption of energy, water and chemicals are significantly reduced, giving a 48% maintenance cost saving over a 20+ year life when compared to untreated homogeneous vinyl flooring.Polysafe PUR and Supratec PUR achieve superior cleaning benefits and optimum appearance retention with a 60% maintenance cost saving over a 20+ year life when compared to untreated safety vinyl flooring.MaintenanceThe in-use phase of the resilient flooring life cycle accounts for at least 80% of its environmental impact. Because of this we have focused our efforts on developing products which greatly reduce the need for energy intensive cleaning. The easier to clean PU and PUR ranges also ensure that use of polish, water, strippers and chemical cleansers significantly reduced.All new ranges are launched with the greatest maintenance and environmental benefits built in and existing ranges have had these benefits added. Continuously improving technologies enables us to raise the standard in terms of durability, maintenance and performance, sought by our customers. Furthermore, low maintenance flooring considerably improves eco audit results of a building throughout its entire life cycle.

Environmentally Preferable Flooring 2012 In Use1819Polyflor vinyl floorings play a significant role in creating and maintaining a hygienic environment within healthcare and consequent to that, an important role in the global fight against Hospital Acquired Infections.In addition to the independent certification concerning the inhibition of bacterial growth on the floor, vinyl flooring exemplifies the case that it is the multifaceted elements of performance and inherent product features that all combine to offer positive benefits in terms of creating a safer, more hygienic environment.A very positive contribution to creating a clean and hygienic indoor environment. Seamless welding and coving is critical in infection control. Independent tests demonstrate that the growth of bacteria such as MRSA is inhibited on Polyflor flooring.Infection Control