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Environmentally Preferable Flooring 2012 In Use1617Positive environmental credentials and benefits are built into our flooringOther elements, whether underfoot safety, hygiene, ease of maintenance, durability or aesthetics work hand in glove with the environmental performance of the product.The majority of Polyflor 2.0mm floorcoverings obtain the highest Use Area Classification of 23/34/43 to EN 685, making them suitable for heavy domestic, very heavy commercial and heavy-light industrial use. In comparison, a greater thickness is required for linoleum to achieve a similar recommendation, but even at 2.5mm thick it is not recommended for class 43 areas. Under the Agrément (UPEC) system only 3.2mm thick linoleum had the same wearability as most of the accredited Polyflor products.Another of vinyl's strengths is its much greater resistance to water, whereas many alternative materials are not suitable for use in areas where there can be the extensive contact with water. Vinyl is impervious and can be thermally welded with the joints actually fused together and is inherently more flexible and easily self coved. This flexibility also means that vinyl has much better recovery from indentation. At Polyflor we are clear in our belief that there is no reason that our customers need to compromise on performance, choice or budget in order to use products with the lowest environmental impact.We do not manufacture a specific range of environmental flooring, we manufacture vast ranges of the highest quality, BRE rated commercial flooring with a level of performance and benefits in use which also result in class leading environmental features. This philosophy carries on into all our new product developments, where the demands of the customer, the facility and environmental requirements are built into the product specification from day one.Choosing an environmentally preferable product from Polyflor means zero compromise in the function of the product.Fit for Purpose