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Image: Jetstone 4045

The floor is an integral part of an interior space that needs to promote a positive impression to the public and ease of cleaning remains high on the agenda for many in the specification chain. To meet these demands, Polysafe Modena is enhanced with Polysafe PUR, an exclusive and super-strength PUR reinforcement to provide superior cleaning benefits and easier soil release. This technology is fused to the product using a specially cross-linked and UV cured process to ensure that optimum appearance levels can be achieved, particularly important in front of house areas where good looks are vital. A clean floor is a safer floor and the incorporation of Polysafe PUR provides an easier cleaning regime for maintenance staff and a reduced need for energy intensive cleaning, power, water and chemical consumption. Add in life cycle maintenance cost savings of up to 60% when compared to traditional safety flooring using the recommended micro mop regime and Modena is the clear choice for sparkling interiors that strike a chord with visitors. For areas that need to look spotless time after time, look no further than Polysafe Modena PUR.Easy Clean