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Sustainable wet slip resistance is the byword for every Polysafe product. With Polysafe Modena PUR, the incorporation of clear aluminium oxide particles through the performance layer forms part of the unique micro decoration that is designed to perform safely for years to come. Imperceptible to the eye, the safety aggregates increase the traction and friction between foot and floor, offering underfoot confidence in areas where there are potential risks of spillages. Achieving 36 and above on the Pendulum Wet Test and a surface roughness of 20 microns and above means Modena is fully HSE Compliant, achieving a low slip risk classification and conforming to UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines (2011). Like all Polysafe ranges, Modena fully conforms with EN 13845, meaning the product is fully fit for purpose in areas where water spillages could occur. With Polysafe Modena PUR, seeing really is believing. Step into the future of safety flooring and unlock the secret of invisible slip resistance.Right image: Aventurine 4055 & Green Tourmaline 4052Magnification of safety aggregates