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Polysafe Modena PUR is a supreme collection of micro-granite vinyl flooring options, marrying the worlds of high design and function, taking safety flooring to a completely new level. Suited to heavy commercial areas, Modena offers the ultimate in design freedom at front or back of house, meeting both aesthetic and public duty of care requirements. An array of harmonious accent colours and subtle earthy tones combine with a sparkling high clarity design to provide a creative footprint within any commercial interior. For a stylish and safe floor finish, Modena features clear aluminium oxide particles in the vinyl to create a uniquely clean decoration that ensures sustainable wet slip resistance in full compliance to HSE Guidelines. With colours tuned to work together to aid navigational design or zoned areas, an individual, contemporary floor surface can be achieved that represents modern and imaginative design trends. Polyflor's in-house design team can also provide guidance for specific inlaid features or logos to generate an inventive blueprint for an interior scheme.The floor space remains an important part of an interior's identity and the inclusion of theexclusive Polysafe PUR reinforcement gives Modena added maintenance benefits that widen its appeal for use in showcase, high visibility areas. Choosing Polysafe Modena PUR means an injection of creativity that releases true design freedom, with the added reassurance of built-in sustainable slip resistance. Take a closer look to reveal a finish that looks like a smooth flooring but carries all the usual Polysafe credentials.Left image: Copal 4046 & Gypsum 4044Front cover image: Orange Calcite 4053