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Technical Specification The table below details the technical properties of Polysafe Modena PUR Customer SupportFor information regarding handling and installation, adhesives, maintenance, applications and chemical resistance, consult Polyflor Customer Technical Services on +44 (0)161 767 1912 or e-mail At the date of issue the data presented is correct. However, Polyflor Ltd. reserves the right to make changes which do not adversely affect performance or quality.*For clarification regarding slip resistance, consult Polyflor Customer Technical Services.For best results, flooring must be reverse laid.Floorcare instructions are available on Gauge / Wear Layer 2.0 mm / 0.7mm Roll Size 2m x 20m = 40m2 Product Weight 3000g/m2 General Performance EN 13845 ASTM F1303 Agrément - under application Use Area Classification DHK 23, 34, 43 Reaction to Fire EN 13501-1 Class Bfl-S1 ASTM E648 Class 1 Enhanced Slip Sustainable wet slip resistance* EN 13845 ESf RRL?Pendulum Test ?­36 (wet test - 4S Rubber/Slider 96) Surface roughness Rz ?­20?m AS/NZS 4586 R10 The slip resistance is assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product, with strict adherence to HSE Guidelines Abrasion Resistance EN 13845 50,000 cycles EN 649 Group T VOC?Emissions Indoor Air Comfort GOLD: Eurofins certified product AgBB Very low emissions Environmentally Polysafe Modena PUR achieves BRE Global Environmental Generic Preferable Flooring A+ rating in major use areas such as education and healthcare. It is 100% recyclable. Recyclable via the Recofloor scheme. Visit Maintenance Polysafe Modena PUR features a high quality, cross-linked polyurethane Enhancement reinforcement, UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits, life cycle maintenance savings and optimum appearance retention. As with all Polysafe products, Polysafe Modena PUR should not have a polish applied Resistance to Chemicals Polysafe Modena PUR has good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis. The Polyflor Technical Information Manual provides a general guide. Chemical resistance charts by shade are available on request Hygiene Contains antimicrobial agents. This product has been independently tested and results demonstrate that it inhibits the growth of MRSA on the flooring. An effective cleaning regime is however, the most important defence against infection Electrical Behaviour EN 1815 This product does not accumulate static charges above 2kV and is classified as 'antistatic'. For specialist applications where there is a requirement to dissipate the electrostatic charge, see the Polyflor ESD product ranges

www.polyflor.comThe Polyflor website is the main resource hub for Polysafe Modena PUR product information. View technical information, NCS References, product imagery or order free samples and literature online directly at: the website and sign up for free e-mail updates or subscribe to latest news RSS feeds Image: Andesite 4049