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20 bevel line the project colection 211980 Ivory Stone 457 x 457mm 1981 Portland Stone 457 x 457mm 1982 Shellstone 457 x 457mm 1984 Sandstone 457 x 457mm 1985 Smoked Limestone 457 x 457mm 1986 Brushed Concrete 457 x 457mm 1987 Wet Concrete 457 x 457mm 1983 Limestone 457 x 457mm 1988 Burnt Sandstone 457 x 457mm 1989 Black Limestone 457 x 457mm It is recommended to view actual samples before specifying the chosen colour. The Wood products may include knots and grain variation from plank to plank. The Stone tiles may include variation in markings as part of their design.R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10

22 Grouting strips 5mm x 914mm0036 Grey0037 Beigefeature strips 5mm x 1000mm0034 Terracotta0033 Copper0032 Cream0025 Silver0026 Gold0028 Black0031 BrownIndividual floor concepts can easily be developed from the variety of design accessories. The below Feature Strips are installed between tiles and planks to create a contrasting effect. The new Grouting Strips create a more subtle and highly realistic grout line effect between tiles, as shown.For further design ideas and support, contact the Polyflor Design Department.Environmental: Polyflor have for many decades been recognised as a leading global manufacturer of high quality, high performance floorcoverings. We have demonstrated a high level of commitment and endeavour to minimising the impact of our products on the environment whilst maximising the performance benefits of our flooring throughout their entire life.There can be few materials better suited to recycling than vinyl flooring. Bevel Line is 100% recyclable and contains at least 15% recycled material. It can in fact be recycled many times without losing any of its performance properties. Polyflor continually works on developments in new products and technologies and in doing so we continually evaluate new ideas or alternatives which minimise any impact on the environment.Choosing an environmentally preferable product from Polyflor means zero compromise in the function of the product.VOC EMISSIONS:Indoor Air Comfort GOLD - Eurofins certified productAgBB - Low resultFloorScore - Certified productFor further details on Polyflor's achievements in areas such as recycling, energy reduction and waste avoidance log onto PREFERABLE FLOORING° Refer to BRE Global ratings on